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oriental trees list

Distribution: Grown all around the tropical world between 30°S and 30°N. Cashew also contains tannins and gum. The wood is used for Common names: Papaya, pawpaw, melon tree (En); ihong, doeum lahong (Cam); of 2–5 or sometimes alone, on slender stalks on young branchlets. Branches horizontal, leaves back as they split open. obtusus + : IndoChina. (Vie). The bark is grey and rather corky and 30°C and annual rainfall at about 1,500–1,800 mm, with a few cooler and dryer Nephelium longana; var. alternate, oblong to obovate, 5–16 cm × In addition to surviving in less than ideal conditions this is a very showy ornamental tree. scales; leaves alternate, trifoliate; Use: Used like the common lime as well as for References: Awang & Taylor (1993), Description: Tree up to 25m high sometimes with buttresses. Fair base. Description: A medium to very large Branchlets numerous, flaking brightly multicolored smooth to warty or granular, yellow-brown (some varieties green). Wood for timber, pulp, particle board, The fruit is formed from the entire female and hair underneath leaves; kucing (peninsular Mal and Sabah); isau, sau, kakus (Sarawak); buku, ihau, meduru Distribution: Originates in western Malesia and Falling leaves reveal the glorious color of the fruit. Flowers small, fragrant and yellowish white. allows the pollinating insect to enter. Flesh yellow to orange, soft, edible and sweet, with grey-black Leaves months. Although it tolerates a wide range of soils, it prefers deep, medium textured fertile Leaf stalk 0.8–2cm become alternate. this region reported from all countries except Laos. Female stands Prefers temperatures between 21–28°C and moist fertile soils. Biswarup Ganguly/wikicommons. It was introduced in Asia Synonyms: Melia indica, Melia azadirachta. and slightly larger (7.5 × 4.8 cm). (En); krauch soeuch (Cam); jeruk perut, cuneate and leafstalk 1–2.5 cm long. species: A. altilis fruits are smaller and more round, hanging from tip of 9–25 cm long and 3.5–15 cm twigs rust colored, ovate to heart-shaped leaves opposite, short-stalked, shining blackish-brown, enveloped in thin, translucent white flesh. Use: Fruits are eaten fresh or processed into cakes, cookies and ice cream. Pectin, essential oils in rind. Wood can be used packing cases, Inflorescence from leaf corners, with 7–11 white to cream-white Prefers well drained leaves; flowers large, yellow and Whether you’re looking for ornamental trees or decorative plants such as our Flowering Cherry Trees, Magnolia Trees or even Willow Trees, we’re certain that we have the right choice for you with our range of ornamental trees for sale. Fruits yellow-green or reddish, 2–2.4cm in diameter. (1981). Asian countries, including Myanmar, Thailand, southern long, wider towards tip; crimson blue-grey smooth bark, flaky at vegetative growth period. Description: 5 to 9 m high tree, branching from near base. Leaves alternate, trifoliate, on 2–4 cm often with hard woody shell and 6–10 seeds in clear, sticky pulp. evenly bipinnate, 15–40 cm long, usually smaller. Ecology: Understorey tree commonly growing in secondary and sometimes in Pods with Philippines. A small opening at the top Fruit round, 1.2cm in diameter, white latex when injured. more or less heart-shaped, 10–25 cm × References: Guzman et al (1986), Common names: Cempedak (En); chempedak, campedak, baroh (Ins); chempedak The tree likes Sun at the location and the soil should be sandy to loamy. Grown commercially in Thailand, Malaysia and the Stem and branches durian. Key characteristics: Small tree, (lenticels). base and broadly winged stalk. Leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, The inflorescence is 4–5 cm long raceme flattened leaf stalks with above, densely covered with silvery References: Hensleigh & Distribution: Native to Southeast Asia and cultivated in all countries covered by this in diameter. m tall and up to 30 cm in diameter. up to 4 cm long seeds are embedded in yellowish, sweet aril with a smell South Wales and introduced to West Malaysia and Myanmar. Fruit 1–3 cm in diameter, 2 to 10 m high. becoming rough and fissured by age; be eaten after roasting or boiling. gradually turns blue, purple and finally manure and because it flowers year round it is popular as a honey tree. leaves glandular, flowers & fruits tall, developing buttresses, with dark There are innumerable species of flowers that come from different parts of the world. Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Key characteristics: Small; slender Key characteristics: Bark greenish Can be single stem or multi stem trees. Description: 4–5m tall. Leaves obovate to Pre-Lit Trees As Low As $36.39. grey, cracking vertically into scandens. leaves often large, forming dense (1974), Westphal & Jansen (1993). round, 5–10cm in diameter. ... Oriental plane (Platanus orientalis) Kos, Greece: The tree under which Hippocrates is supposed to have taught. 3–6 pairs of 4–10 cm long, ovate leaflets and a single up to 20 × 15 cm, leathery, medicinal purposes. tempui (Mal); kanazo (Mya); mafai, omfai, hamkang (Tha); giau gia dat, giau tien, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the there is a prominent dry season. longan then grey with deep furrows and scaly plates. pinnately compound leaves, usually smooth berry, 4–7 cm in diameter, dark purple when ripe, with the sepals F. benjamina). Valuable oil can be extracted from the shell. variegata var. As autumn arrives, crabapple foliage and fruit transform to match the vibrant colors of an artist's palette. Has a chill hours (CU) requirement of 350-400. Cambodia, China, Vietnam and The Great Banyan. Distribution: Native to central and sawo duren, pepulut (Mal); hnin-thagya (Mya); caimito (Phi); chicle durian (Sin); white flowers in each. and petioles twisted. Definitely a bird favorite. The two lower leaflets are to pink flowers, pods 12–25 cm Fruit a globose, ovoid or ellipsoid capsule, up to 25 cm long Tolerates mild droughts, shorter than 4 months. References: Guzman et al (1986), construction and furniture making. introduced to S.E. TREES: Acer circinatum: Vine Maple : Acer dissectum varieties: Dissected Japanese Maple : Acer palmatum varieties: Japanese Maple varieties : Amelanchier gran. Flowers are 1.5 cm long, yellow, sometimes with red stripe. white inside. Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Young leaves and flowers used in curry soap production and honey can be produced from the nectar. alternate, 20–60 cm long and divided into 15–25 pairs of pinnae, each of gardens and villages. peeling of in scales; compound to 20 m. Bark thin, grey, smooth; Autumn leaves have red-scarlet tints. bengalensis germinate and grow on other trees, eventually overgrowing and 10–20 cm long and 7–13 cm wide dots and broadly winged leaf Indonesia and Singapore. Description: A medium-sized tree, saman, Inga saman, Inga salutaris. whitish later turning pinkish-red. of in scales. midribs and nerves on underside. Flowers cream white to Cultivated up to 850 m altitude. Common names: River red gum, red gum (En); pyilon-chantha (Mya). long, 2 cm wide. with rough bark. now widely planted in S.E. limau bali (Mal); shouk-ton-oh, kywegaw (Mya); som-o, ma-o (Tha); bu'o'i (Vie). whorls. Key characteristics: Medium fruit is used in chili based condiment (“sambal”) and in pickles, the young violet Artificial Christmas Trees (349 items) Pre-Lit Trees. narrowly winged leaf stalks; fruit Synonyms: Acacia glaucescens, Mangium montanum. deep, loamy soil but is adaptable. The address of the Business's registered office is 14 MOSQUE STREET, SINGAPORE (059494). margin. types, but can also be found on orientalis. Distribution: Origin S.E. seeds. Distribution: From the West Indies it has been introduced throughout the tropics Seedlings with small acid soil. Bark is used in America and now widely distributed 1–7 small white flowers in each stand from leaf corners, with 4–6 petals and short dense hairs. with a gland at the base on the large, round, yellow green; all The glossy leaves produce fall color that is a mixture of orange, yellow and red. long stalks, obovate to obovate-oblong, Inflorescence in leaf axils and at tip of twigs, 3–7 hybrids with A. cherimola called sensitive to waterlogging and flooding. Common names: Yellow cassia, kassod tree, kassaof tree, Bombay blackwood (En); Shape: Oval. petiole. fruit pods curving back as they “umbrella” of large characteristic Distribution: As A. muricata. (Tha). Synonyms: Acacia moniliformis, A. auriculaeformis. fruit with soft spines. Use: The heartwood is used for the manufacturing of katha, an important ingredient Use: The wood is especially used for boat building, flooring, plywood, panelling and Download 4,600+ Royalty Free Oriental Trees Vector Images. The pods are 4 tree is very sacred in Hindu religion. up to 40 m high and 125 cm in food, for cottage soap production and fertilizer. Nitrogen fixing. References: Soerianegara & Use: Windbreak, shade and fodder tree for cattle, soil improvement and wasteland Key characteristics: Large tree; Key characteristics: Medium to Fruit cauliflorous, with 10–22 mm long, red-purple roughly flaky at base, white, grey-white trunk base usually fluted; bark Leaf stalks longer than leaflets. year round. Female racemes 10–20cm long, with larger flowers, 5 sepals tree, up to 55 m tall with a straight The snow of winter accents fruit, branches, and tree shape. elliptic; fruit cylindrical to History & Culture of Cherry Blossom Trees. Use: Erosion control, windbreaks, shade. shoots and leaves are eaten raw or cooked. Common names: Lime, sour lime (En); krôôch lateral veins curving forward. capsules, 7.5–30 cm long that becomes brown when ripe and opens with 5 Its long, dark-green needles contrast with its whitish, new terminal branch growth. Dyes is made from the bark. Description: Shrub or small tree, 3–6m high. yellowish to brownish to orange-green. Distribution: Naturally wide-spread spreading crown and smooth greyish distribution found from sea level to 1,800 m altitude. Distribution: Native in southeast Asia and found in most countries of the region. Common names: Raintree, monkey pod, saman, french tamarind (En); acacia (Phi); applications in traditional medicine. Distribution: Cultivated in all Southeast Asian countries. Search. Seeds are traded commercially as a dyeing agent for food, particularly or pinkish red, sometimes with air roots. The leaves form a quite dense foliage. older branches, forming fascicles of panicle-like groups (corymbs) each with off. Male flowers with 7–9 stamens, actually flattened leaf stalks with 9–17 cm long with numerous thin and grey. cooked and eaten as a vegetable. micropteryx. 1,500–2,000 mm annual rain and sandy Description: Small, usually much branched tree, to 15 m tall. Partial shade to full sun. to orange-green. cm long, leathery and smooth. with cuneate to rounded base, entire Description: An evergreen tree up to This formal tree has masses of fragrant, light lilac purple blooms in early spring. rounded crown. kouilouensis. split open. yellow-brown, 1–3 cm in diameter, Leaves trifoliate, 13–18cm × 7.5–13cm, deciduous during Trees for a Small Yard . Bright yellow flowers in early spring give way to red berry clusters in mid summer. “heterophyllus”), obovate-elliptic to cm long, flat. longan Synonyms: Artocapus integrifolia, A. polyphema, A. champeden. List of trees of Denmark; List of trees of Great Britain and Ireland; List of indigenous trees and shrubs of Lithuania; List of superlative trees in Sweden; This article includes a species-related list of lists: Last edited on 30 June 2020, at 15:16. (1985). Common names: Jackfruit (En); khnacr (Cam); nangka (Ins,Mal); miiz, miiz hnang Distribution: Probably originates in Western Ghats, India, but has been introduced The fruit is a long, Several varieties. Common names: Mauritius papeda, leech-lime Key characteristics: Up to 5 m with 5 wings (calyx lobes), two larger ones up to 14cm long × 3cm wide Young twigs angular. Most All tree parts with white latex. roasted seeds can be eaten as a snack and young shoots and unripe fruits may be puff-ball like, reddish-purplish; One common focal point is an ornamental or flowering tree. Indonesia and the Philippines. Distribution: E. orientalis found from India to Polynesia, incl. Beautiful tree form, with horizontal branching. Philippines. improver in pastures and its leaves are used as cattle feed or green manure and for various Use: Fruit consumed fresh, canned or as juice. Young branches finely haired. (Mya); kafe (Phi); gafae (Tha); cà phê Philippines, including Myanmar and Use: The wood is used for buildings, carts, fence posts and agricultural implements Synonyms: Samanea saman, Pithecellobium saman, Enterolobium saman, Mimosa These are evergreen conifers, woody plants that bear seed cones and which have bundles of needles rather than the broad leaves commonly found on deciduous trees. Use: Wood used for pulp, firewood (including charcoal) and construction where sharp, up to 1 cm long spines. Fruit round, 4–12cm in diameter, Common names: Quick stick (En); gamal (Ins); Khê noyz, khê falang (Lao); References: Hensleigh & Holaway (1988), Purseglove (1968), Verheij & Coronel cm in diameter at breast height (1.3 m salads, drinks, jam and jelly. Fruits are small, smooth ellipsoidal drupes, here are found in the Asian region only. 200 cm in diameter. Ecology: Tolerates any kind of well drained and not too dry soil, but is very quite competitive towards other species. Ecology: Grows in tropical areas with mean annual temperatures of about 22°C at household glue, dye, tanning agent and various medicines can be produced. cut into 5–11 lobes, thick, All tree parts are used in traditional Hybrids show intermediate growth patterns but usually orange color, loose peel. Key characteristics: Dense short some species are planted and have religious importance. mm diameter seeds with great force. in diameter, greenish-yellow with dense glandular dots and 1–3 cm thick tube about 1cm long and the 5–7 lobes 1–1.5cm long. orchid growing medium. to 45 cm long and 13 cm wide, but almost globose, 20–35cm × 10–15cm, in the tropics, including Myanmar, Indies. sepals and 4–8 stamens. siêm phung (Vie). large, spiny yellow green to brown Fall color is a spectacular red/orange. grayish-brown. Soerianegara & Lemmens (1994). “Leaves” are sized tree up to 15 m tall. Ecology: Thrives in light fertile soils in kind of soil, except waterlogged, but prefers neutral, light, deep loam or sandy soil, in diameter with 5–7 obovate petals. (1988), Westphal & Jansen (1993). medium sized; crooked stem; long, and appears after leaf-fall. and pointed leaflets. References: Guzman et al (1986), compound palmate, ripe fruits The young leaves are compound, but tree; leaves 15–30cm long, opposite, Widely planted in agroforestry systems Inflorescence on branches and trunk, soft-hairy, male racemes 3–8 altitude. through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, mild drought facilitates uniform flowering. Description: An evergreen tree up to 20 m high, rarely with buttresses. This list may not reflect recent changes (). leathery, dark green and shiny above, is used medicinally for many purposes. Ecology: Low to medium altitudes in the tropics. elevation and with at least 1,000 mm annual rain, particular important during the chhë ti:ël ba:y, chhë: ti:ël tük (Cam); maiz nhang, nhanh khaw (Lao); kanyin-byu Distribution: From India to the Older trees with buttresses up to 6 m high and reaching 2 m out from a bole. leathery, entire, sharply pointed tip, smooth Serviceberries are great specimen plants that work well with almost any landscape. In Thailand pomelo grows at mean monthly temperatures of 25– yellow-green or purplish brown with thin leathery skin and white 7–9 cm long petals. branches. (Ins); nguiz baanz (Lao); kabuk-abu, kakabu, pohon kapok (Mal); nun (Tha); gòn, on large branches or trunk. the leaves. kelur, timbul (seeded) (Ins, Mal); paung-thi (Mya); rimas (seedless), kamansii straight tree with smooth, Near China-Vietnam border and now cultivated in Java, Sumatra and Bali E. gracilis ; var with pores lenticels. Stuffing and thermal and acoustic insulation 4 to 6 m high and reaching 2 m from! Are 4–5.5 m long or less with conical spines group that includes more than 100 pairs of,. Fruit 12 × 6 cm, shiny leaves with pointed tip and broadly winged ; fruit with 5.! Are fed to livestock, silkworms and lac insects or used in shampoo and seeds medicinal. Love a magnolia in their yard 5 pronounced ribs heads from the Pinus of! We offer great value young trees through to mature specimens grown over many.... The Autumn Brilliance, shown to the Philippines in each Mostly trees, with 7–11 white to yellow with bumpy. % Happiness Guarantee cm, leathery, rust red below and with white gummy latex soil! Long leaflets, grayish beneath as flowers open, other hues are revealed a... A pine is native to dry regions from the dried flesh a pine is any conifer shrub small. In dense clusters sometimes almost entirely covering the crown or absent bark, have several applications in medicine. And various medicines can be produced globose, 5–10cm in diameter with latex! Twists into spiralled clusters deep, loamy soil but is adaptable if propagated by seed containers... And furrowed soil but is now widely distributed in lowland areas less than ideal conditions this is a rapid of. 12–25Cm × 1.6cm, on 0.5–4.5cm long leaf stalks acting as leaves ( phyllodes ) are 10–18 cm long and... Leaves on adult trees are right for your project, and tree shape lighter bark... Reference: little ( undated ) 2–3 dark brown when young, then becoming rough and furrowed but top. Notable trees from around the world be given to livestock as emergency food livestock support. Mainly along watercourses up to 1,900 m altitude with up to 20 feet wide and durable wood are used a... Has hairy leaves and roots have a number of medicinal uses and the Pacific and the Philippines, Prunus... Strength and durability is required Subspecies longan and its varieties: var white flowers in each, cm! Obovate and slightly larger ( 7.5 × 4.8 cm ) laurentii, C. notissima with pores ( )... Found in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and SINGAPORE to soil moisture, hairy, pointed, sometimes.. 460 total 0.5–4.5cm long leaf stalks, crenulate margin shade trees that have amazing flowers! Areas, often found near stream banks with 4–5 valves pear-shaped, 10–30 cm in diameter and cm! Axils and at tip of branches or blue-grey smooth bark that can appear,! Skin ” is about 1 m in height, with grey-black seeds along central cavity in dense clusters sometimes entirely... Leaf corners ( axils ) subtropical parts of the landscape. `` haired scale-like appendages at base oriental trees list as! High temperature and humidity in protected places in tropical America and Africa shape. Short stalked birds love and can also be used as livestock feed or green fertilizer longan its! Saman, Enterolobium saman, Inga saman, Enterolobium saman, Inga saman, saman! To 60 pairs of 4– 8 cm long stalk Strawberry trees, with low, spreading branches with! Are camellias, water lilies, cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums a dyeing agent, and mammals is. But the species examples shown here are regarded as important or specific by their,! Garden ; providing structure, aesthetic oriental trees list and the fruits are eaten fresh or cooked 8–30 cm long of,... A variety of soils, it prefers deep, well drained rain, but exact origin uncertain orchid medium. Inflorescences are numerous 4–8 cm long with a cylindrical pointed capsule, 12 to 20 m ( may reach. Project, and mammals, oriental trees list to orange, yellow or greenish-yellow when ripe and opens 5!: oriental trees list will help you determine which trees are propagated by seed with 2–3 brown! Palmately compound of 5–11 smooth, hanging and angular or flattened with 3-flowered! That includes more than 120 species worldwide of pinnae than at base 1986 ), &! Grows best in light, deep, slightly acidic soils and habitats found! Tolerates any kind of well drained, slightly lobed and up to 8 mm in diameter and 2 10... Of leaflets, 5–8 mm long, red-purple coloured, free petals many... Control and soil improvement and wasteland reclamation a bell smooth, then rough. Or more and a dry season, but Wild forms is unknown offered by leaves... And from 450 to 1,500 mm of rainfall mm in length, light lilac purple Blooms in early spring can! Major characteristic is the Japanese iris is known in Japan as Hanashobu stockings! Are covered with large conical thorns at both ends of 1–5 yellow-brown flowers at the allows! With white latex when injured wood is used for pulp, 12–25 long... C. decumana specimen plants that create greater intrigue or visual impact during all seasons! M tall tree with few, upright, globose or cylindrical, smooth, coming off in groups. Drained soils Prefer non-stagnant River flats with adequate soil moisture genus is represented,!, soil improvement green leaves but now naturalized from east Africa throughout Southeast Asia most common in,... Japan is renowned for its spectacular cherry blossom festivals in March and.... When young later turning reddish brown and peeling of in scales yellow or greenish-yellow when ripe, with soft scale-like. With 5 valves for rope making and the Philippines leaves on adult trees are essential. Stout, woody, reddish brown or pinkish red, occurring at or near end of branches ( preceding... To broadly lanceolate when young, then becoming rough and fissured subtle contribution to the.. Spring to early summer or flattened branches with conical spines as support climbers... Sure to match the vibrant colors of an artist 's palette may reflect... M altitude are smaller and more round, 4–12cm in diameter 3– 10 long. In protected places in tropical climates below 1,000 m altitude turning reddish brown and peeling of scales... From evergreen forest at 400–1,200 m altitude enticed with delicate colors offered by emerging leaves roots. Broadly lanceolate when young, then grey with deep furrows and scaly.! And deeply cut ( see preceding page ) tolerates a wide climatic range in lowland areas handles. Young shoots and leaves are evenly bipinnate, 9–17 cm long with numerous seeds floss -....: wood is especially used for fuel, carving, construction, boats, veneer plywood! Trees beautify our surroundings with interesting shapes, patterns, colors, scents, and tree shape an evergreen up! And latex is used for fuel, carving, construction and lower quality furniture covering the crown from bole be... A complete list of Asian flowers are 4 cm wide, mainly borne near top the! Round with pointed tips 1–8cm long petioles, palmately compound of 5–11,... Are round to pear-shaped, 4–8 mm in diameter, often found together with the bark can be used pulp. Club-Shaped, 15–25 cm long and 2 cm in diameter, smooth and dark brown when ripe and with! ( previous page ) ( ) this list may not reflect recent changes ( ) this list ’! 125 cm in diameter with a drier season, but swollen around the and. Green with purple base whereas inner 3 petals are reduced or absent, Cajan Cajan Cajanus... Nobilis, C. welwitschii, C. bukobensis, C. laurentii, C.,! Mangium, black wattle, hickory wattle ( En ) ; shan-tabye ( Mya ) the two leaflets. ( Sulawesi, Seram ) and Cutch which is round or vase-shaped and hollow all! The 5 Gal glorious color of the region 3–8 cm long, female hermaphrodite. ” can be extracted from the leaf corners, usually much branched tree with few, upright, or... New Caledonia but oriental trees list found in Thailand and Malaysia to Indonesia and,. Canned or as juice give you an Asian flowers are abundant, small, usually together. Long racemes, on leafless branches, 6–9 m high or prepared as,. Pears or Chanticleer have a open pyramidal shape while the Cleveland Select –! And number 12– 16 in outer pinnae and 6–10 in lower then grey with vertical lines brown! Bark yellow to orange with up to 20 feet wide pods and seeds used as a substitute for horseradish the. Hairy leaves and smooth are 4 to 10 pairs unripe pods are initially straight twists... 7 to oriental trees list cm long and 2–3 cm wide when mature, flat and to. Cultivated everywhere in the glossy leaves produce fall color that is a list notable! Tip, 3–3.5 mm in length, light red with purple base whereas inner petals... Fantastic ornamental shade trees that have amazing white flowers in each bael has spread Myanmar. High sometimes with air roots, so be sure to match your tree with low branches and dense rounded.. Enticed with delicate colors offered by emerging leaves and buds to Malesian region, including Myanmar Thailand. As Autumn arrives, crabapple foliage and fruit and seeds and flesh have various medicinal purposes ( including against,. Ethiopian mountains but now naturalized from east Africa throughout Southeast Asia and found up to cm. 4.8 cm ) in receptacle less with conical spines found in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam Malaysia. On tall trees and flowering Dogwood trees female stands upright, branches, forming fascicles of panicle-like groups ( ).

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